We’re a light-hearted crew!

We hope you’ll consider joining us whether it’s jumping into a cirque, walking up Half Dome, or getting into a big basket and floating off into space together.

If you choose to give it a go, download and fill out this pdf form which tells us who you are, and some legal b.s. to keep-it-all-jiggy. Either snail mail it to this address: Arriba! Ski and Snowboard Club, PO Box 69611, West Hollywood, CA 90069, or print it, fill it out, scan it and attach it to email it to our membership director, or bring it to the next monthly meeting.  You can pay for your membership via paypal here.  However you choose to submit, you will enjoy it afterall. Come slither on down with us!

How to Contact Us

You can always use the P.O. Box above to contact Arriba, or email us by clicking here:

2016 Board

President:  Kelly S.

Vice President/Membership:  Cindy C.

Secretary:  Frank M.

Treasurer:  Kevin R.

Mammoth:  Curtis W.

Out of State:  Moises C.

Social:  Rhonda G.

Newsletter/Web:  John A.

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